Dukas Guitars Models

The Dukas “Jackal” Model

Dukas «Jackal» is our interpretation of this famous offset design of the past that has been identified with surf music but also with the 90's and even today's alternative rock scene. Beyond this identity, the "Jackal" is capable of a variety of sounds that can cover a great range of music styles.

Dukas Guitars "Jackal" Model
Using the lightest materials and keeping the basics from the original design of this beloved guitar model, we tried to improvise on more than 10 points of the body and neck construction and shape, resulting in an extremely comfortable and playable guitar.
For this model we exclusively use the tremolo unit and bridge fromMastery®, in order to ensure tuning stability during excessive play.
For the pickups we use our own specs ones, made on order by top pickup makers such as Lindy Fralin, Van Zandt and "FR pickups".
Dukas Guitars "Jackal" - Body Contours

Body Contours

We manufacture ergonomic curves throughout the guitar, according to the needs of our customer! Unlike the classic JM models, the "Jackal" offer unique access to the keyboard area in the high area through a special design of the neck joint, but also a separate cut away.

Νeck and Frets

We provide you the option to choose the exact shape of the neck, fretboard radius, number and size of frets, type of inlays as well as the color and type of finish. In the end, your neck will be an extension of your hand.

Dukas Guitars "Jackal" - Fretboard
Dukas Guitars "Jackal" - Front closeup


The soul and character of an electric guitar is linked with its pickups. We give special attention to the personal needs and playing style of our customers in order to choose the right pickup set. The pickups are then made on order for Dukas guitars by top pickup makers such as Lindy Fralin, Curtis Novak and "FR pickups".


After many years of research and testing, we came to the conclusion that for "Jackal" the absolutely guaranteed choice in tremolo & bridge, are its products Mastery (made in USA)which contribute catalytically, except reliability and stability over time και στο τελικό unique sound effectMastery bridge ensures better sustain, volume and sound quality.

Dukas Guitars "Jackal" - Bridge