About Dukas Guitars

Meet the Dukas Guitars

Our story begins in 1968...

Dukas Guitars is a family run business located in Ioannina (Greece). Our story begins in 1968 in Taunstein, Germany, when my father Christos Dukas applauds the art of instrument building (classical and acoustic guitars) next to the leading luthiers Dragan Musulin and Christian Stoll. In 1985 Christos returns to Greece and creates the Guitar Workshop in which he manufactures and repairs guitars.

Dukas Guitars are born!

From my young years, I started my first steps at my father's side, inheriting the secrets of the guitar making art. A few years later, following my father's footsteps, I was taught by the same guitar luthiers in Germany, continuing our family tradition.
My love for rock music turned my interest solely on the manufacture of electric guitars. So, after 15 years of research and development in all aspects of the electric guitar,
Dukas Guitarswere born! Dukas Guitars are the handmade instrument in which my love for the electric guitar was captured.