Get a Dukas Guitar

Aquire a Dukas Guitar

There are 3 different ways of acquiring a Dukas Guitar:

a) Order it online on our website

Ordering a custom Dukas Guitar is a process in which we have to talk to the prospective buyer to help him make the right choice of features of the guitar. That's why we chose not to have a board with "soulless" pre-set technical specifications, that could lead to a wrong guitar selection, that might not fit your needs.
Instead, we believe that a personal communication will ensure the right choice of every aspect of your custom guitar.

b) Choose an available Dukas guitar

We try to always have a few Dukas Guitars available for sale. This is of course not so easy, since often the guitars built for this purpose are sold immediately.

However, you can contact us to inform you about any availability.

c) Visit our Workshop and meet us in person and our Dukas Guitars!

We strongly believe that personal acquaintance will help us fully understand your needs, we offer you a free hotel stay in Ioannina, accompanied by a Dukas Guitars in your room! So, you will have enough time at your disposal to discover the unique features of our guitars, as well as the opportunity to add your own custom features!