Musicians who love our work

Doug Aldrich

Doug Aldrich is a Los Angeles-based hard rock guitarist. He founded the band Burning Rain with Keith St. John in 1998 and has played previously with the bands Whitesnake, Dio, Lion, Hurricane, House of Lords, Bad Moon Rising and Revolution Saints.

Doug Aldrich plays with:

Adedeji Adetayo

Europe Based Nigerian guitarist/ singer /composer and producer.

Music was, Music is, Music Will be for them that believe!
CEO dejafriquerecords

Adedeji Adetayo plays with:

Evripidis Zemenidis

Euripides Zemenidis collaborated with George Mylonas, Orestis Dantos and Dionysis Savvopoulos. The CD Kindergarten Arga is his first personal recording effort with the participation of young singers and friends such as G. Mylonas, L. Balafas, P. Mouzourakis, V. Karakosta and V. Asimakis. He himself is responsible for the composition and lyrics of the songs with the participation of G. Myzalis on the short route and G. Mylonas on the other days and see for a moment.

Kenny Tse

Chinese guitarist, Kenny Tse, with 18 years of playing and teaching experience, he is deeply influenced by rock and fusion music. He has studied with world-class masters such as Daniele Gottardo, Alex Hucthings, etc. So far, he has continued to learn and explore unique guitar playing styles, trying to renaissance instrumental music again.

After numerous in-depth conversations with Mr. Dukas, a one-of-a-kind perfect guitar was born. Dukas guitar is the best modern guitar I have ever dreamed of, perfect for a solo guitarist like me, Mr.Dukas makes a very comfortable neck for me to play all day without getting tired, super thin satin finish as well as the stunning colors, the most important thing is that this guitar has a world-class guitar tone, so I don’t have any difficulty in most styles like pop, blues, rock, fusion, jazz, etc. I can do it in a short time Get the guitar tone I want!

Kenny Tse plays with:

Vasso Dimitriou

She taught at M.I. (GIT), McCabes Guitar School, Conservatory of Arts of George Fakanas in Athens and the Polyrhythmia School of Music in Athens.  She collaborated with the Greek composer Th. Mikroutsikos,
D. Savvopoulos, Ch. Thivaios, Th. Papakonstantinou, G.Andreou, N. Xydakis, N. Mavroudis, Nana Simopoulos, Argentinian composer Emilio Kauderer, songwriter Donovan Leitch and many more. She has performed in almost all music halls and theatres in Greece, Cyprus and in Europe.

Today she works as a multi-instrumentalist and Orchestra arranger (Plucked String Orchestra of the Municipality Patras, ERT, Polyphonic Choir of Patras).

Vasso Dimitriou plays with:

Costas Lemonidis

Guitarist and composer from Athens Greece

Costas Lemonidis plays with:

Bob Saganas

Guitar player who have work with Joe Lynn Turner and Kip Winger

Iasonas Mavrogiorgos

Iasonas is a professional guitarist who, among other great musicians, has collaborated with Alkisti Protopsalti, Michalis Hatzigianni, Sakis Rouvas and Konstantinos Argiros.

Kostas Paraskevas

Guitarist and owner of Nemesis Guitar School, owner of a great collection of guitars

Kostas Paraskevas plays with:

Jerry Hollis

A singer, songwriter , guitarplayer, from New York

Jerry Hollis plays with:

Kostas Kostadimas

A profesional guitarist from Ioannina Greece

Kostas Kostadimas plays with:


Onirama is a Greek pop rock band that has had a number of hits in Greece.

They are known for their wide range of music, and party-like concerts.

Jannis Anastasakis

Founder & Owner of JAM Pedals.

Jannis Anastasakis is considered to be in a league of his own as a guitar player in Greece.
His unique, in-depth approach of the guitar as an ambient sound generator, and the extended use of effects and analog synths, results in a very personal sound and delivery, that sets him apart from all other players in his country.