Dukas Guitars Models

The Dukas “Timeless” Model

Our Dukas "Timeless" is based on the famous Telecaster®, the guitar that actually started the evolution of what today is known as electric guitar.

Keeping the basics from the original design of this beloved guitar model, we tried to improvise on more than 10 points of the body and neck construction and shape, resulting in an extremely comfortable and playable guitar.
Our "Timeline" model combines simplicity of design and versatility of tones in a unique way. It is no surprise that this model is the choice of so many guitarists playing different styles: from country and blues to rock or even to "heavier" music styles. As with all our guitars we carefully select the best woods, custom pickups and hardware in order to recreate the characteristic specs of this unique guitar type.

Body Contours

We wanted to make our "Timeless" users life easier, so we had to modify the body shape and neck joint of the guitar. The original square shape of the body outlines together with the beefy neck joint are the negative points of this design, so we designed and shaped soft contours in these critical areas in order to provide more comfort and better playability to our guitar.

Νeck and Frets

We provide you the option to choose the exact shape of the neck, fretboard radius, number and size of frets, type of inlays as well as the color and type of finish. In the end, your neck will be an extension of your hand.


The soul and character of an electric guitar is linked with its pickups. We give special attention to the personal needs and playing style of our customers in order to choose the right pickup set.

For the Dukas "Timeless" we use our own custom specs pickups custom wound by Harry Haussel and Van Zandt.


After many years of tests and research we came to the conclusion that the best hardware parts such as tremolo units, bridges and tuning keys are made by Gotoh (made in Japan), GMI (made in Greece) and Mastery (made in USA). Their top quality provide to our guitars excellent functionality through the years while they add to their final tonal qualities.

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